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How we work

The Luxurious way to earn

with automated drop-shipping and quality assurance

Install the app

Download the Luxury Beauty app from the Shopify App store to install it on your store.

Cosmetic Products

Pick your products

We offer products from the latest in beauty brands. Each brand partner undergoes a review process to ensure they meet Luxury Beauty standards before their products are made available in the app.

Start Selling

Our integration with Shopify allows you to sync the product name, images, description and pricing directly to your store. We also provide real-time inventory updates so you know exactly what’s in stock.

Cosmetic Products
Dollar Bills

Get paid

Once you collect payment from the customer on your Shopify store, our software automatically identifies the order and sends you an invoice for the Luxury Beauty items. You pay the wholesale Luxury Beauty price for the product and keep the rest as profit.

Fulfilled by
Luxury Beauty

Once you request fulfillment and pay the invoice, Luxury Beauty marks the order as fulfilled, prints the label and ships the product directly to your customer. We guarantee fulfillment within two business days on orders placed in the U.S.


“I installed the app this morning. So far it has been the easiest product syncing I have ever had to deal with. This is a very smooth app, professional, easy and the products are FAB!”

- Shop On In, Shopify Store Owner

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Ready to start selling?

Add premium beauty products to your online store with Luxury Beauty drop-shipping.

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