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Join the Luxury Beauty network with minimal set up. Simply send us your product information and marketing asset library, and we’ll do the heavy lifting to launch your brand on the app.

Cosmetic Products

New customers

Your products are made available to Shopify boutiques and marketplaces looking to expand their catalog. Gain brand exposure to their audiences without the high cost of customer acquisition.

How Luxury Beauty works

Scale your business with our automated drop-shipping process.

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Showcase your entire portfolio or select products

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Through the Shopify network

Fulfill with Luxury Beauty

Pick and ship orders through the Vendor Portal


For orders placed on Shopify Retail stores

Easy to use Vendor Platform

  • Simple order fulfillment. Print your picklist and add tracking information once you ship an order 

  • Analytics. Track order history and sales over a 180 day period. 

  • Inventory Management. Upload products, set your price and adjust quantities. 

Cosmetic Products


What's Luxury Beauty's commission structure?

Luxury Beauty receives 40% on all orders placed on a Shopify website. This includes the commission that is paid to the Shopify Retailer

How do I fulfill and ship orders? 

You'll receive an email notification when an order has been place for one of your products. 

How do I get paid? 
Can I partner with Luxury Beauty? 

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Ready to grow your beauty business?

Exposure to new retailers and customers

Secure payment processing 

Grow efficiently with out east to use platform

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