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Account & Payment

How do I earn money with the Luxury Beauty app?

Each Luxury Beauty product has a retial price listed. This is the price that will be displayed to customers in your store.

Please Note: Retail pricing can be changed in your online store but will not change in the Luxury Beauty app.

You will see Luxury Beauty price when browsing products within the app. The Luxury Beauty price refers to the wholesale price you will pay us to complete the order. Profit represents the amount you earn from the sale of that item when it is sold at the listed retail price.

When you import products to your Shopify store, pricing for each product will default to the Luxury Beauty retail price.

As the store owner, will have to pay the Luxury Beauty invoice for a given item before the order is sent to the brand for fulfillment.


Completing a Shopify order

When a customer places an order on your online store that contains a Luxury Beauty product, the customer's information is synced to the Luxury Beauty app. You will receive an invoice via email that must be paid to Luxury Beauty so that the order can be be fulfilled and shipped.


Can I add multiple Shopify stores to my Luxury Beauty account?

Yes, you can add other Shopify stores by logging in to your admin Shopify store and installing the Luxury Beauty app through the Shopify App Store.

To view all of your Shopify stores that have the app installed, log into the Luxury Beauty app and select My Stores.


How do I remove the app from my Shopify store?

Log into your Shopify admin and uninstall the app.


Update payment metods on Luxury Beauty

Luxury Beauty is billed to the payment method set up in your Shopify store. To manage this, simply log into your Shopify store and navigate to Settings > Billing > Payment methods.

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