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Are there any additional costs to using Luxury Beauty?

We are on a mission to make owning a business as easy and seamless as possible by giving you the tools needed to manage your business.

Luxury Beauty is $9.95/month.


What is the difference between "Customer price" and "Luxury Beauty price"?

"Customer price" is the recommended retail price by Luxury Beauty and what the customer shopping on your store will pay. "Luxury Beauty price" is the price you pay Luxury Beauty before your customer's order will be fulfilled.


Does Luxury Beauty contact my customers on my behalf?

We will never contact your customers. If any problems with your customer's orders occur, we will contact you so that you can maintain your own customer relationships.


Can I use Luxury Beauty on both my phone and laptop?

The Luxury Beauty app is currently only available on desktop.


How do taxes work on Luxury Beauty?

Taxes and how to collect are dependent on multiple factors, including where you conduct business. You can set this up by going to your Shopify admin.

Reporting and filing taxes vary for each person and business. Luxury Beauty is unable to provide any tax-related advice. Please consult a tax expert or visit the IRS website for more information at

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