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Order Management

Where can I see my orders?

You can view orders placed by your customers by navigating into the Luxury Beauty app and selecting Orders from the top menu.


How do I pay for the orders my customers place on my Shopify store?

When a customer places an order from your online store, it will sync to the Luxury Beauty app under Orders.

Unpaid orders will be marked as Unpaid in the Payment column within the Luxury Beauty orders section. To complete the order, please pay the Luxury Beauty cost via the invoice sent to your store email. Once the invoice is paid, the brand will receive, fulfill, and ship the order.


Where can I see tracking for Shopify oders?

Shopify shipping confirmation emails will automatically be sent once the brand ships the order to your customer. You can view the tracking confirmation by going into the Shopify admin, select Orders > Luxury Beauty Order > Order details > Timeline.

Please Note: Luxury Beauty orders will receive a separate tracking email than the items fulfilled by your store.


How do I change shpping details for an order?

Once a Luxury Beauty order is placed, you are unable to update customer details for that order.

If you need to update a customer's shipping details after they've placed an order, please email our customer care manager with the Luxury Beauty order numer and the new address for the customer.

How do I cancel a Shopify order?

Once an order is shipped, it can no longer be canceled. Your customer will need to initiate a return once they receive their package. As the store owner, you may choose to accept the return based on your own cancellation and return policies.

Reminder: Do not refund your customer in Shopify until they receive the order and send the Luxury Beauty item back to the brand.


What if my customers want to edit their order?

Luxury Beauty inventory is updated twice daily. If a product is out of stock, you will see the "Sold Out" label set up in your online store theme. Customers will not be able to add out of stock products to their carts.


Do I have to manually input customer information and shipping details?

No, all customer order information will sync from your Shopify store to Luxury Beauty.

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