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Products & Packaging

How often does Luxury Beauty release new items?

Luxury Beauty is continuously sourcing new products so you can offer luxurious, on-trend items to your customers.


Managing product type, tags, and status

Once a Luxury Beauty product is added to your store, you can add teh product to collections, add tags, and change the product's status in the Products section of your Shopify dashboard.


Removing a Luxury Beauty product from your Shopify storeProduct branding

To remove a Luxury Beauty product from your Shopify store, navigate to the product in the Products section of your Shopify dashboard. Select Delete Product. The product will automatically be deleted from your Shopify store.

Alternatively, you can remove a Luxury Beauty product by logging into the Luxury Beauty app. Under My Inventory, click Remove From Shopify for the item you wish to remove from your store.


Product Branding

Luxury Beauty partners with various brands to provide the latest in beauty to your customers. Items purchased from Luxury Beauty brands will have brand-specific information and packaging that would originally come with each brand.


What does the packaging look like when my customers receive their order?

Products are shipped from the brand and will arrive with their brand-specific packaging.


Does Luxury Beauty offer custom packaging for sellers?

Although we are looking into this, we currently do not offer customized tagging or branding on our Luxury Beauty products.

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